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MIGRAINE GUARD & Your Diet (Sep2022)

Dear MIGRAINE GUARD consumer , please be informed that according to recent published studies by U-Washington , you will have better chances to reduce your migraines (and other neurological symptoms ) by reducing your Glutamate intake including MSG ( monosodium glutamate) . Below , is a list of high glutamate foods . Please Try to reduce/avoid them . The idea behind the ELIMINATION MIGRAINE DIET is to eliminate all food triggers for (at least) 3-4 months until you have decreased your migraine days to an amount you are comfortable with. Then you gradually add in potential food triggers one at a time to see if they are personal triggers. This can only be done by strict elimination, and is not reliable by occasional avoidance of these foods. Below chart contains great examples of what you can achieve by following a low Glutamate diet. (Blue = Pre-diet)(orange=After diet)


Free Glutamic Acid (mg/portion or gr)

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This list was compiled from approximately 20 tyramine lists . For example, mozzarella cheese appears in the safe column on most lists, but also appears in the caution column on some lists. This variation is caused by the same food having different amounts of tyramine in it when tested by the Labs. When items appeared in two columns, the item was placed in the more restrictive column. For example, canned shellfish appears in the caution column in most published lists, but appears in the avoid -> column in a few lists. For safety, canned shellfish appears in the avoid column on this list. Because the same food may have different amounts of tyramine in it from batch to batch, lot to lot, preparation to preparation, there will not be a fool-proof list. In classifying a few items, such as beets and spinach, they typically appeared in the safe column however they were placed in either caution or the avoid column due to scientific finding generated by the Laboratory for Familial Dysautonomia Research at Fordham University.




1- Low Tyramine Alcohol: Rum,Vodka,Gin (with moderation ) .

High Tyramine alcohol to be avoided : Unpasteurized beer (e.g. boutique and artisan beers, Belgian, Korean, European and African beers, Home-made beer and wine (Red wine mostly)

2- DietRichinEPAandDHA0R alternatively 1 capsule daily-omega3 fish oil supplement can significantly decrease the severity of acute migraines . Cardiovascular benefits of COQ10 in Migraine Guard and Omega 3 are also extra benefits of this combination (U - of North Carolina)

3- Caffeine can help the body absorb some ingredients faster. Some sources suggest it can also assist pain relievers by up to 40 percent. Caffeine is a double-edged sword for people with migraine. Any change in caffeine levels can contribute to an attack in some people. Consuming too much, too little, or skipping a day may also be a migraine trigger for some. (Max 100mg or 2 small cups) . Some "Morning migraines" have been avoided by the usage of 20-40 mg caffeine (Tinny cup of coffee or Nescafe) at night ! Yes , it is surprising but we have seen many positive cases . 

4- Extra Magnesium glycinate: Yes ! Other form of magnesium will negatively affect your gut . Most migraineurs will see better result by using an additional dose of 200mg Magnesium glycinate at night . Please note :

1-individuals may react differently . Stop the extra magnesium if you are experiencing diarrhea or try to adjust the dosage .  (Two Capsules of Migraineguard is providing 250mg of magnesium) . DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN TOTAL 500MG/DAY of Magnesium 

2-While purchasing extra magnesium glycinate , please check labels for purity. Mixing with less valuable Magnesium Citrate or Oxide is misleading and common practice in the industry.

Senior Doctor

"Migraine prevention requires dedication and organization.. and the best way to get something done is to , start now !


We try hard helping Migraineurs and to achieve this , we need your support .
Considering that Migraineguard is not a cure , but a preventive measure , if you wish to help us , please use below links . Your help is immensely appreciated and encourages us to do better every day

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