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MILK BOOSTER is the ultimate lactation supplement in Canada. With powered by the purest ingredients available in market , This fascinating supplement is backed by publish study and successful clinical trial will promote and boost Secretory activation while balancing the mother's hormonal activity.


Sachet format for convenience .



  • #1 Complete Supplement for Nursing Moms
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN & Backed by published Study
  • Promote Milk Production
  • Milk Secretion
  • Nutritive Tonic
  • Sachet Format for convenience (1 Day)





NPN: 80111579

Format: Sachet  25


  • Medical Ingredients ( Per dose ):

    Moringa Oleifera Moringa 300 mg Leaf

    Pimpinella Anisum Anise 200 mg Fruit

    Trigonella F graecumFenugreek 200 mg Seed

    Silybum Marianum Milk thistle Equ 300 mg 1.5:1.0 200mg Seed

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